The Train from Spain Project

History of locomotive no. 8457

1929: Construction

The locomotive no. 8457 was one of 15 Pacific locomotives built by Krauss of Munich to a design by Roland Martens.

early history 1

1929: Seville Exposition

The locomotive operated at the Ibero-American Exposition in Seville for 14 months.

1930s: Spanish Civil War

The locomotives were put in store during the Spanish Civil War

1960s: Madrid Park

All the locomotives were bought by a park in Madrid, where one of the set of locomotives was converted to diesel operation.

history 3


2000s: Restoration in Mataro, Barcelona

A Barcelona-based group acquired the locomotives and coaches, hoping to start a railway along the seafront in Mataró.

2015: Interest from Ravenglass

The next phase of the locomotives history began in October 2015, when a team from the R&ER visited the workshop in Barcelona to investigate the condition of the locomotive. They found that the locomotive is in excellent condition and in a nearly complete state. The boiler and frames are in a condition consistent with the reported low use over the first years of its life in the late 1920s and early 1930s, and subsequent storage, and are effectively ‘as new’.