The Train from Spain Project


Would you like to help return the ‘Train from Spain’ to steam, and contribute not only a donation but also a component of our new engine?

Although Krauss No. 8457 is substantially complete, there are a whole range of components that will need to be acquired before the locomotive can either be steamed on run on the R&ER in regular traffic.  All of these are specialist items, many of which are having to be made specially for the ‘Train from Spain’ – and naturally therefore don’t come cheap!

A full listing of components for which sponsorship is required can be found below.  Sponsors will receive a certificate recording their donation, as well as the appropriate reward for a donation of the same value.

If you wish to sponsor a component, please get touch with us at or complete an online donation for the relevant amount and put the sponsorship item in the comments box.


safety valves

A locomotive’s polished brass safety valves are not only both highly visible and very attractive, they’re a crucial piece of safety equipment, ensuring that the maximum boiler pressure is not exceeded.  Two specially made valves are required for No. 8457.

Price: £1000.00 each


Mounted on the locomotive’s running boards, the mechanical lubricator uses the motion of the valve gear to pump crucial steam oil to the cylinders, which must be kept well lubricated at all times.

This has now been kindly sponsored!

brake valve

A very visible and essential cab control for No. 8457.  The brake valve is used to apply and release the train and locomotive brakes.

Price: This item has been kindly sponsored.


Though the humble firebar may not be visible, it’s still an essential component of any locomotive.  Twenty of these cast iron bars will form the firegrate of No. 8457, withstanding temperatures of several hundred degrees in the locomotive’s firebox.

5 of the 20 firebars have kindly been sponsored

Price: £50.00 each.