The Train from Spain Project

Tender Component Sponsorship

The Tender that was bought with the Locomotive was found to require many alterations to make it suitable for use on the R&ER. It was decided it would be easier to keep this tender intact and build one that would meet current R&ER track and engineering requirements and be more suitable for drivers also.

Thus, below is a list of parts that are required to build the new tender. Some will be less visible but are no less important to the project.

If you wish to sponsor a component, please get touch with us at or complete an online donation for the relevant amount and put the sponsorship item in the comments box.

Wheel Sets - 

New standard carriage wheel sets as will be used under the tender

The standard Ratty wheel set as seen under all the carriage fleet, tenders of all the engines and used under Northern Rock as front and rear truck. Not often seen day to day, they are nevertheless vitally important to the tender.

4 are required at £750 each.

Axle Boxes/Bearings -

Tender wheel bearing on River Mite

As seen here on River Mite's tender the bearing is part of what holds the wheel sets in the bogie.
Each wheel set needs 2 bearings, so 8 are required at a cost of £50 each.

Hand Brake -

Handbrake, as fitted to the original Krauss tender

Seen here on the original Krauss tender, by modern regulations the locomotive needs a handbrake to stop it rolling away, this is easier to fit to the tender as there is more space to fit the brake rigging.
All of the rigging and mechanism will cost £500.

Air cylinder - 

Air tank on River Mite

A relatively standard part needed for the Air reservoir for the air braking system, seen here fitted to River Mite, both Northern Rock and River Irt also have visible tanks. This part has kindly been sponsored.

Brake Blocks -

Brake blocks on Lady Wakefield

Brake blocks on River Mite

All locomotives require brakes, here you can see Lady Wakefield's brake blocks and River Mite's new brake blocks. The Train From Spain - to be named Whillan Beck - already has brakes on the engine the tender will require some too. 6 brake blocks are required, 4 for air braking and 2 for the hand brake. £20 each.

Rear Coupling -

Carriage and River Irt or Northern Rock style coupling

Rear Tender Coupling River Mite

Along with the buffers is required a Ratty style coupling box, be it River Irt/Carriage style or, as shown, with River Mite and River Esk style coupling block. This has now been kindly sponsored!

Draw Bar -

Whillan Beck is going to have a sprung draw bar, as on River Esk, or as pictured here on visiting RH&DR locomotive Hercules. This has been kindly sponsored.

Shovelling Plate -

Covered in coal River Mites shovelling plate

If you get a cab ride on any engine at the Ratty you'll see the driver shovelling the coal in at some point. To save the metal separating the tender water space, a thick steel plate, called the shovelling plate, is put in to take the brunt of the damage exerted when thrusting the shovel into the coal. Though little seen, it saves a lot of money in replacement coal spaces!

This item has kindly been sponsored.

Tender Water Tank -

Tender of Northern Rock

All the Ratty tenders are designed to carry both coal and water; the external part is the tender water tank, and sealing the tank on top is the coal space. The steel, welding and finishing of the water tank will cost £500.

Water Filler Lid -

River Mites tender water filler.

Synoldas Water filler with lid

As important as the shovelling plate, the water filler lid and pipe is vital for not only getting water into the tender but keeping detritus out, such as leaves and coal. This has been kindly sponsored.

Stainless Steel Coal Bunker -

Coal space on Northern Rock

As with the Romney engines and River Esk, when it returns, Whillan Beck will be fitted with a stainless steel coal bunker. This helps prevent against wear, from rusting internally and rotting from the coal. Though this comes at a cost at first, it should save us a lot in the long run. Could you be the generous sponsor of this part of the restoration, for £1200?

Radio Locker -

Radio box as seen from the front with speaker and mic.

Radio box jutting into the coal space on Northern Rock

The radio system we use on the railway is vitally important and the equipment that goes with it must be kept safe and dry. The radio locker will be incorporated into the bulkhead behind the driver as seen here on Northern Rock's tender. This has been kindly sponsored.

Tool Box -

Tool box of the original Krauss tender

Tool space under the seat of River Mite

Though it will be differently situated on Whillan Beck, here can be seen examples of the tool boxes on the other Ratty tenders, used for tools for general maintenance and storing wet weather gear for the driver - and maybe even his lunch! £75.

Injectors water valves -

Water valve on the original Krauss tender

Water taps on Northern Rock

2 water valves will be required to feed the pair of injectors on Whillan Beck - these will be situated in a similar location as those seen here on the tender of Northern Rock, both have been kindly sponsored.

Painting -

Caledonian livery

Of course the most visible part of the tender is the painting! This has been kindly sponsored.

Lining -

No paint job would be complete without proper lining out, as you can see in this example here, showing the straw coloured line on Hercules' wheels, or as above with Northern Rock's tender. This has been kindly sponsored.