The Train from Spain Project

Phase 2 testing

Following a hydraulic test on 17 November 2017, the locomotive was moved to Ravenglass on 21 November 2017. Positive publicity was received once again, with over 10,000 views of posts on social media.

A few days were spend weighing and balancing the chassis. Testing commenced on 27 November, and the following day, the locomotive made a complete trip of the line to Dalegarth and back at the first attempt. Further tests were carried out during December in line with the test schedule, including towing River Mite ‘dead’ to simulate a fully laden train, brake tests of the light engine, and running a full round trip in reverse, tender first, to demonstrate riding qualities.

Testing finished for the year on 16 December 2017, with four round trips completed in a single day, bringing the test mileage to approximately 100 miles. The locomotive was ‘put to bed’ for the winter and the railway handed over to the permanent way department for winter track work.

The railway became operational again in February 2018, and over February half term further mileage accumulation took place to achieve the target of 250 miles of running in.

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