The Train from Spain Appeal

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Volunteering for the Train From Spain.

Train From Spain Appeal thanks those volunteers giving time to promote this magnificent project over this Easter weekend. If you're visiting the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, be sure to look out for us... and the chassis and tender!

We are inviting anyone with an interest to join our fundraising team and help out with future activities and events. Could one of the following interest you?
We are looking to create 'pop ups' for event stalls, put up a small pictorial display at Ravenglass station for this 2016 season, and create a more impressive exhibition for Dalegarth in 2017. Do you write, design or print?
We have a good stock of appeal leaflets which we would like to spread far and wide to attract support to our cause. Have you an outlet which could help? Or do you know somewhere, and could you take some leaflets for us?
Our events planner is putting together a programme for the year, which could include the Whitehaven Festival and model railway shows. Would you like to help at the stand, promoting our special project to the general public?
One of our team will be happy to receive donations of items to sell on ebay, as a means to raise some funds for the project. Get in touch with us if you think you can help.
Perhaps there will be interest among you to help polish and clean the locomotive when it is in service on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway. This won't happen any time soon, but by joining in with our project you can help to bring this opportunity around all the quicker!
Thanks for looking through the list. If you're around over Easter and can spare a few minutes to check out the chassis and talk to our volunteers, or even become one of them, we'd be delighted to see you!